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wotwbow FotorThis year CVDAA will be presenting a new series of advanced creative performances, showcasing local talent performing in featured roles and/or presenting work they have written or directed. The Studio was developed by CVDAA as a way of insuring that highly skilled and experienced students have the opportunity to perform in a featured role or develop a production of their own before they leave our community, as well as opening up opportunities to involve additional artists from the community.

While CVDAA typically emphasizes ensemble productions in our work we also recognize the importance of young artists to do work where their contributions are featured and where the demands can be greater and more intense than in situations where 15 or 20 students share the work load.  Studio will be presented to foster this type of focused environment where students who are ready can take on the greater demands of presenting their own work or being cast in a featured role.

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Alameda Arts council

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