Alumni Zella

"CVDAA was a safe space for me, which in retrospect was really important during that period of my life because I didn't feel like I really fit in anywhere else. In middle school, I looked forward to Mr. Lushington's after-school theater workshop all week. It myself and the world, both through acting and through writing. I learned a lot about presenting myself, being aware of my body language, learning by watching others, and how to use feedback to change the way I did things. Mr. Lushington challenged me to grow as an actor and as a person in the years that I attended his workshops, and I think I did. Six years after my last show with him, I'm still reminded of things he said during workshops. A lot of it stuck with me and has been useful to me through high school and college, on and especially off stage, and it's an experience I'm extremely grateful for."


CVDAA provides expert training in the art of acting. Students learn how to use themselves and their own innate creative abilities to communicate character and story.  Our emphasis is not so much on developing the “professional” as it is on developing the ability and tools to make or create something new and original.  Students that work in our program not only learn how to communicate and perform but gain a better understanding of who they are what they can do when demands are placed upon them.  Many students that attend our programs end up teaching and coaching acting to others later because at CVDAA we emphasize and encourage the ability to talk about what you know share it with others..

Our training includes both acting classes as well as performance based programs where students study some acting technique early in the program and then learn how to apply the learned techniques in the process of performance.

In addition, all students are introduced to multiple acting techniques and styles and how to apply these styles in practical ways to assist in their efforts to communicate story and character.  Specifically students will learn:

  • How to analyze character and intent
  • How motivation and intention work together to enable action
  • How to analyze text and use it to communicate story
  • How to understand themselves in relationship to character
  • How to understand their relationship with an audience

CVDAA leans on the works of master teachers such as Stanislavski, Strasberg, Adler, Meisner and Cohen to help students understand that who they are and where they’ve been is enough provided they have the energy and determination to work.  In the process of our training students learn to develop a common artistic vocabulary and coherent approach to performing from Shakespeare to Mamet and beyond that provides a solid foundation for their creative work.

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Castro Valley Dramatic Arts Academy

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Equal Opportunity Organization:

Castro Valley Dramatic Arts Academy is an equal opportunity institution with respect to both education and employment. CVDAA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or handicap in admission, or access to, or employment in, its programs and activities as required by federal (Title VI, Title IX, Section 504) and state laws and regulations.



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What your donation to CVDAA can do:

  • $100 pays for sets and costumes for one production
  • $200 pays script photocopying costs
  • $500 provides full tuition for our fall and spring scholarship students
  • $1000 pays for one summer teaching position
  • $2500 pays for space rental for one class

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