Middle school students in the Castro Valley Dramatic Arts Academy will stage “How Heroes Are Made,” an original play written by CVDAA students and director Michael Lushington, on January 18 and 19 at the Douglas Morrisson Theatre.

The work explores what happens when a girl finds herself on the roof of her school after an upsetting day. A crowd of students and staff begin to gather below the building and witness a boy join her on the roof and then they leave together.  What actually happened on the roof is the topic of rumors and speculation throughout the student body. Some people think the boy was a hero because he went up on the roof to save her. Others have different ideas about the events that unfolded. Then Batman, Superman, Bruce Willis, an Army general, Spiderman, Elektra and Wonder Woman make appearances to give advice on what it means to be a hero. Come find out what it means to be a hero. Who knows? Maybe you’re one already.

Sponsored with thanks by 

Alameda Arts council

Amelda arts